Board Game innovator Hasbro and crowdfunding platform Indiegogo have joined forces to find the next cult face-to-face party game.

The companies are inviting professional game designers as well as novices to come up with ideas for a completely new game that doesn’t depend on WiFi or mobile phone network to be enjoyable.

Although the first couple of rounds of the competition won’t include crowdfunding, once Hasbro has whittled down the finalists to five, it will run the campaigns on Indiegogo to find the overall winner.

The winner will take home $10,000 and will be invited to Hasbro HQ where they can develop the idea with the game manufacturer’s designers and developers to make the game a reality.

“More people are gaming than ever before and the category has grown tremendously with the emergence of a passionate and talented community of game designers,” said Brian Chapman, head of design and development at Hasbro. “We believe big game ideas can come from anywhere and the challenge with Indiegogo will be a new way for Hasbro to connect with the gaming community and discover a big new idea that we can hopefully help cultivate and bring to market.”

Those who want to take part have until September 30th to submit their initial ideas to Hasbro and the finalists will be announced a month later, when the campaigns will go live on Indiegogo. Both Hasbro and Indiegogo will be on hand to offer support to the finalists in order to make their campaigns as successful as possible.

The overall winner will be announced shortly after the campaigns complete on December 1st, promising a very happy Christmas for one lucky person.

“We’re very excited to see the growing trend of large companies leveraging Indiegogo’s global community of early adopters to source, validate and launch innovative customer-driven products faster and with less risk than ever before,” Jerry Needel, senior vice president of sales and market development at Indiegogo said. “By teaming up with Hasbro, we’re helping talented game developers get the global exposure and access they need to help turn their ideas into reality.”