The first crowdfunding conference dedicated to renewable energy takes place on October 30. The Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference will be held at Dexter House, London and is organised by Solarplaza. It aims to connect crowdfunding leaders with developers, investors and funders interested in the sector.

The crowd needs energy

Crowdfunding is becoming a recognised source of finance for renewable energy projects. Investors like the sector because it offers recurring income while communities are embracing such projects to help them develop off the grid.

“The Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference provides an excellent platform to meet like-minded individuals from across the sector. Delegates have the opportunity to learn about this unique type of investment from individuals and organisations who have already benefited,” said Paul van der Linden, Solarplaza VP.

Energy switches on to crowdfunding

The success of the Mosaic and Abundance crowdfunding platforms for such projects means the two platforms have already raised $8 million and $10 million respectively since launch. Rooftop solar projects are predicted to attract $5 billion in investment via crowdfunding platforms within five years, Solarplaza states.

Solarplaza’s Energy Crowdfunding Conference will include four sessions:

  • Shaping the context
  • Working the system
  • Crowdfunding in practice
  • The future of renewable energy crowdfunding

Those attending the conference will also meet with experts from the largest renewable energy crowdfunding platforms, Mosaic, and also Windcentrale: the largest crowdfunding platform in the sector.

Inside look

Over 50 industry leaders have confirmed their involvement, including Mosaic, Abundance Generation, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Trillion Fund, Palmetto, res and Statkraft.

According to the conference website the top five renewable energy crowdfunding platforms include:

Tickets can be purchased at discounted price of £199 until 31 August 2014, a saving of £100. For more information about the conference and to book tickets visit