If you’re looking for a super-affordable modular desktop, pi-topCEED has just launched its compact PC on Indiegogo for a very reasonable $99 (£65).

The Raspberry Pi-powered device includes a Raspberry Pi 2, making it simple to get onboard with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) subjects straight away.

When a new Raspberry Pi is announced, the old computer unit can be removed and replaced, making it a truly plug and play option for those on a budget.

The company’s mission is to make education more accessible for people of all ages, from all backgrounds and in all countries. The pi-topCEED is a follow up to the company’s original pi-top, but it’s smaller and cheaper than the company’s first foray into the affordable computer market.

Pi-topCEED includes access to a huge array of resources from the off, including CEED Universe, 3D Slash, Scratch, RaspberryPi Resources, Minecraft, Libre Writer, Libre Impress, Libre Calc  and Sonic Pi.

“By using the bundled software in pi-topCEED you will be able to design your own components and products,” the company said. “You will be able to work together on projects, contribute and help each other through CEEDuniverse – our educational MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) – and share your work with others.”

Whether you want to develop the next home automation system to control all your connected devices, create a controller for a 3D printer or create a robot from the device, you can.

You are of course able to use it just as a normal PC, whether you want to access the internet, check your Facebook, write documents or do anything else you’ve normally want to do on a home computer.

The pi-topCEED features a 13.3-inch HD LCD screen, an SD card loaded with pi-topOS and can be shipped with a range of different charging options to suit worldwide connectivity.

The company has so far raised £123,371 (£81,000) in 12 days and to say thank you, pi-top has decided to develop the pi-topSPEAKER  – one of its stretch goals – that you can add on for an additional $15 (£10).