With so many home automation devices on the market, it certainly is hard to keep track of what controls which device. In fact, you’ve probably found your phone is full up of controllers for your music system, security, heating and more.

Now nCube has come to the rescue, providing an all-in-one solution to the smart home ecosystem dilemma.

The small device connects to all your smart home devices and is controlled via one app, making it a lot easier to change the heating, switch on your tunes and deactivate your security system when you’re on your way home, for example.

Not only that, nCube learns about your lifestyle, so it knows when you wake up everyday and can make sure your house is toasty warm before you set foot on the chilly bathroom floor. It will also know when you’re away from home, so it’ll make your home look lived in, whether that’s by switching the lights on in your natural pattern so any potential intruders think someone’s in.

You can build ‘Cubes’, which are essentially schedules for everything in your home, so just switch on a particular Cube and nCube will do the hard work for you. You can also download more Cubes from reconfigurations to make the process of controlling your environment even easier.

“Cubes are very easy to create using the natural language interface – just click through to simply describe the exact scenario you want to create,” the company said. “To make it even easier the app has a number of pre-populated examples which can be edited for your own use.”

You can give different users of the nCube different permissions, so if your partner is always turning the heating on, you can be really cruel and take away their ability to switch the heating on, for example.

The nCube also works when it’s offline too, so if your internet goes offline, you can still control your home in the same way.

nCube is available from Kickstarter from £99, although you’ll have to be quick because there aren’t many left at that price point!