Following the news that BeeLine has launched its cycle navigation device on Kickstarter, Haize has followed suit with its own bike satnav.

“We set out to find an answer to the question: “How can we re-invent the compass to give us a better navigation experience?” Haize explained. “And so we spent dozens of hours testing and developing the most intuitive way to give cyclists easy to read navigation information.

“It took us six prototypes, the first one made from silicone and just 8 LEDs, to arrive at our current design made from aluminium and utilising 23 LEDs. Now we are really happy with the look and feel of the device and have a patent pending for our technology.”

Like BeeLine, the device fits to your bike’s handlebars via an elastic band and is controlled using a companion smartphone app. However, rather than giving you precise instructions, the central LED in Haize blinks to tell you how close to your destination you are.

There’s another row of lights that countdown as you approach a turn. When there’s only one lit LED left, it’s time to make a turn to get to your destination.

The smartphone app logs the journey so you can view your route, just in case you want to take it again or want to find alternative routes in future.  Other features in the app include the ability to track your friends, download routes to try out and notify your emergency contact if you’re involved in an accident.

Haize is powered by a 300mAh battery, which will last for two weeks of journeys and it charges via micro USB cable. You can also use the device for walking or running, using a wristband that ships with the device.

Haize is available for £60 from Kickstarter (the £50 early bird has all sold out) and is due to ship in June next year.