The BatBand may look a little odd in comparison to the earphones or headphones you’re used to, but the point is, it doesn’t rely on well-fitting ear pieces to generate awesome sound.

The headband works using bone conduction with transducers that emit sound waves to your inner ear only you can access. It means other ‘social’ sound can still filter through, but without disturbing your listening experience.

It means you can hear twice as much, without anything penetrating your ears or causing discomfort.

The BatBand can be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth and is controlled using touch-sensitive pads rather than buttons. Controls include the ability to answer or hang up on calls, skip tracks and change the volume just by using gestures.

It isn’t just for listening to tunes either – you can use it as a hands free to make and take calls too, whether you’re on your daily commute, exercising or partaking in any other activity where you want to listen to tunes in peace.

The company explained: “Unlike other bone conduction headphones, the main benefits provided by BatBand result from its high fidelity sound conduction, its incorporated microphone, and its sleek and intelligent design coupled with its qualitative finishings.”

Made from spring steel, the BatBand grips firmly to the back of your head, with inner padding making sure it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. It can be recharged via a standard USB cable and is fully plug and play, with no software required to work.

The BatBand is available from Kickstarter for $149 (£95), although early birds were able to buy a unit for between $95 (£60) and $125 (£80).

The company has already surpassed its target of $150,000 (£96,000) by almost $100,000 (£64,000), with 40 days left to run on the campaign.