The See Sense ICON is a connected bike light that is funding on Kickstarter. To date, it’s raised £44,000 – £20,000 more than its target and it still has more than two weeks to run.

The See Sense ICON connects your bike light to your smartphone so it’s much more clever than your standard flashing bike light.

It reacts to the road conditions, making it brighter, dimmer or faster according to the state of the road. For example, as you approach a roundabout on a busy road, it’ll flash brighter and faster so you will be seen and it’ll also change as it detects car headlights approaching.

If someone tries to steal your bike, or even tampers with it, you will be alerted so you can react and stop them running (or cycling off with it).

If, god forbid, you’re involved in an accident, you can set the app up to alert your next of kin, whether you’re by yourself or with others so they can get you help for come and find you if needed.

The light itself comprises twin LEDs to emit a focused and dispersed beam. It’s a completely sealed unit, so fit for all weathers and it can be seen even in daylight, boosting your visibility even when you don’t think it’s needed.

The fact it connects to your smartphone means it’s always up to date with the latest software and firmware, so it will never get out of date as new features are announced.

See Sense is selling the ICON intelligent bike light for £49 (the early bird was £39, but they’re all gone), or you can buy a front and back light package for £94 (£74 early bird deal has sold out too).

The company hopes to spend the money on testing the software and app user interface, accelerate the development of ICON with new features and help create smart cities everywhere, with help from Queen’s University Belfast.