Fed up of paying extra for scummy car seats for your hire car when you go on holiday? The CarGo seat isn’t only a booster seat, but it’s also a suitcase for children, meaning you can take it wherever you go without the pain of negotiating with car hire companies over suitable child safety.

The brightly coloured unit can be used as a roller suitcase for children when you’re heading through the airport and on the flight, with a 12L capacity for storing clothing and entertainment for the journey. Then when you get to your destination, it can be fixed easily and securely using the seatbelts with a comfortable, wipe able moulded seat.

The company said its car seat’s priority is safety, ensuring parents have complete peace of mind when it comes to travelling abroad. It has been tested by the Transport Research Lab UK and will be getting ECE Reg 44 accreditation when it launches commercially.

It liaised with focus groups to make sure the design was spot on for parents and the current design is the result of months of discussion.

The company said: “We believe that CarGo Seat has the opportunity to shake up the booster seat and travel market by bridging the gap between safety, comfort and functionality which will appeal to parents, with a fun and innovative product which will keep children engaged.”

CarGo added it has received a lot of interest from retailers and it will continue building these relationships before its commercial launch later this year.

The company is hoping to raise £140,000 investment on Crowdcube in return for 18.67 per cent equity. It wants to use the money it raises to launch a marketing campaign across a range of channels to reach as many people as possible.

“The main objectives of the campaign will be to establish an innovative family friendly brand, to build awareness and support among retailers as well as to promote the brand in customer markets to encourage sales. Key areas of focus include digital marketing, retail and point of purchase marketing, social media and PR,” CarGo said.