Tigmus helps musicians get their music to the people they know love their music. Described by the company as the ‘AirBnB of the music world’, Tigmus helps artists discover their fans and then set up gigs in those areas, with the guarantee their concerts will sell out (well, hopefully).

Tigmus covers the whole artist journey. They can discover their fans, book gigs and sell their tickets from one pace, meaning no middlemen or confusion.

“The traditional live music industry is a largely offline world, built around promoters, booking agents and ticket vendors,” Tigmus said. “All of these agents eat into the profits of artists and venues.  In the age of online streaming and social media, Tigmus offers a new solution for venues, artists and fans.”

The website contains a searchable database of venues around the UK, so artists can find a decent venue where they want to play a gig. Musicians can integrate their social media metrics to uncover their fans, listen to what they’re saying and whether they’re likely to attend a gig and use this to organise entire tours if they wish.

So far, Tigmus has helped 49 concerts happen and has another 100 planned via the platform. More than 700 venues are now registered with the platform and 200 artists are ready to get organising their tours.

The company makes money on ticket sales of between 10 and 20 per cent. It is hoping to diversify its revenue streams by developing curated gigs and tours on behalf of record companies and artists, experimenting with paid tiers of membership, featured venues and artists and selling its own merchandise.

Tigmus is appealing for £300,000 worth of funding to get these new payment models off the ground and spread the word in venue and artist communities. It is offering a whopping 23 per cent of equity for investors on Crowdcube and there’s 21 days left in the campaign.