Pimoroni not only develops accessories for the Reaspberry Pi computer, but also sells a range of other ‘maker’ accessories through its online portal of goodies.

The company was launched alongside its Pibow case for the teeny tiny computer, followed by the Picade – an arcade machine for the Raspberry Pi which launched a campaign on Kickstarter a couple of years ago.

It then launched a Maker store, offering more than 1000 products for the Raspberry Pi, which to date, has had more than 53,000 orders.

The company is now seeking more funding to support its entire business and help it buid its portfolio of even more cool add-ons.

“The way we approach our products is a mixture of graphic design, electronics, software support, and user experience,” Pimoroni said. “Traditionally hobbyist electronics have been created by engineers, for engineers – we strive to make electronics accessible, attractive, low friction, and fun to use for everybody.

“We also manufacture our products in-house which allows us to experiment with ideas, be agile in our manufacturing, and truly understand the processes involved.”

It will be investing the money it raises to employ more engineers, because the company says it can’t currently turn products into reality quick enough at the moment. It will also be brining onboard content creators to help build its portfolio of tutorials, projects, and supporting video.

The final investment will be to launch worldwide. It will start by opening stores in Western Europe, increasing its potential customer base by 600 per cent.

Pimoroni is hoping to raise £315,000 via Crowdcube to jump start its growth plans, in exchange for four per cent equity. The campaign will run until the end of November and to date it has secured around 15 per cent of the money it needs to super-charge its strategy.