A 3D printing company is appealing for £5000 funding to help make its business go mobile, allowing the team to head to events and make mini-mes for everyone in attendance.

LittleMe3D.com already has an established 3D model company, but now wants to branch out, enabling the firm to attend events such as weddings, graduations, fresher balls, parties, gigs, concerts and corporate events and create 3D models of people.

The process starts off by scanning your body using the Sense scanner from 3DSystems. This 3D image is then sent to the full-colour printer and your six-inch figurine will arrive in the post within 10 days.

The scanning process takes around five minutes, even if you’re out and about and the result will cost £100 less than other rival services at £60 apiece.

If you’d rather not have a model of yourself sitting on your mantelpiece, you can have any other 3D object or even a pet scanned and LittleMe3D also accepts existing 3D files if you’d rather have something more useful created.

The company is also trying to educate people about 3D printing. “Being able to offer an affordable service is one of the key reasons I want this to be successful, because the more people to learn about 3D printing, the more beneficial it is to the whole industry. This ties in quite nicely with our community initiative to allow travelling to schools to show the processes and adaptability of 3D printing,” says founder Matthew Blythe.

The campaign is running on both Crowdfunder and Kickstarter and the company is appealing for £2,000 to build its business.

Options to fund include a personalised keyring for £5 or more, a 3-inch Mini You voucher for those pledging £45, an early bird 6-inch voucher for £50, right up to £5000 for advertising on the company’s site. If you’re holding your own event, you can pledge £1000 and the company will come along and provide 100 3-inch scans for the attendees.