FirstV1sion is a vest that allows you to experience the action of sports. Rather than sitting on the sidelines, you can watch the game from the eyes of the sportsmen on the pitch.

FirstV1sion sais: “Major sport events have historically had the greatest TV audience numbers….In 2014, the FIFA World Cup had 2.600 million viewers and the 10 sports events with larger audiences had an aggregated 11.300 milllion viewers. The audiovisual production is key to drive international audiences of those who are not heavy supporters of a team. FirstV1sion’s goal is to make the experience of those viewers even more entertaining.”

FirstV1sion is a specially developed vest that sportsmen wear, with an integrated camera in the centre. As the player sees the action close up, so do you.

In February, FirstV1sion signed a deal with the Euroleague Basketball tournament and in March, footballer Andres Iniesta and basketball player Serge Ibaka will join the company as brand ambassadors. Both will use the tech to record their participation in games, which will be broadcasted around the world.

There are a number of other biometric sensors built into the vest, including those to measure heart rate and blood pressure, so sports fans can see exactly how the action is affecting their favourite sports stars. This data is transferred from the vest via RF transmissions.

The company said: “We want to share the dream of developing a revolutionary product that will change sports replays forever with the largest number of people possible. We need your support to develop our business plan and expand globally.”

Broadcasters and sports teams can rent the equipment to bring their broadcasts alive and attract more fans.

FirstV1sion is appealing for £1,836,000 on Bnk To the Future, although its minimum is£734,400. It is offering 10 per cent equity to supporters and at the time of writing, it had raised 11 per cent of the funds it needs to develop the business and fine more partners.