UK-based tech company Den is setting out to reinvent the plug socket and light switch market around the world with the launch of its campaign on Seedrs.

Den is looking for £300,000 of funding in the next 23 days, with its sights set on getting its range of light switches and plugs into production and on sale.

Founders Yasser Khattak and Shamshad Ahmed say: “We have created a new and intuitive way to remotely control and manage your light switches and plug sockets, however this time the products have been built around our environmental responsibilities and our modern needs; our products have been built to be more efficient and convenient than ever.”

Although the switches can still be turned on and off by hand, they also include other features, including remotes and sensors to make them seamlessly fit into the 21st century home, powered by technology.

They company is developing a smartphone app, so your electronics can be controlled by a single device and your home will be more efficient than ever, with you able to turn them off remotely if they’re not in use.

“65% of UK consumers admit to leaving chargers plugged in when not in use, and 63% forget to switch the lights off when leaving the room,” Khattak and Ahmed continued. “In the UK alone this energy wastage equates to nearly 16% of the nation’s energy bill, in simple terms we’re wasting £1.3 billion in energy every year, which is enough to power almost 2.5 million homes.”

The innovations by Den mean that ebergy will no longer be wasted despite us using more mains-powered devices than ever before.

Other features in the system include occupancy sensores on light switches and parental controls, so you can ensure your kids can only use distracting electronics when you permit them to.

Den is offering 16 per cent equity in exchange for the £300,000 and with 21 days to go until the campaign ends, the company is looking for two-thirds more funding before it can start putting the devices into production.