UK tech startup Combicloud is appealing for £75,000 funding to make its unified cloud solution a reality.

The solution allows you to connect cloud storage, portable devices, hard drives, home internet, IoT devices and wearables for interchangeable file management.

Combicloud says: “Our goal is to combine users’ wifi devices and cloud storage into a single operating system, giving the user a “personal cloud” of their own data and devices.

“By accessing several systems together Combicloud aims to improve workflow, portability and ease of access to online services, particularly for small-to-medium enterprise (SME) users, and consumers who create content for blogs or social networks.”

The company believes this is the future of cloud computing, as services in both business and home environments consume our lives and become more confusing for consumers and workers alike.

The company has developed prototype software and is testing the idea of using a smartphone as a server, giving users the opportunity to upload large files on the move and transfer them between different accounts.

“We feel that this personal cloud approach is particularly useful to businesses in the creative industries, social network users who create their own content and consumers with several devices such as wearables and “Internet-of-Things” devices at home,” Combicloud continues.

“By combining technology in this way workflow could be improved – the user could transfer larger files over a mobile data connection, make better use of online cloud storage, automate tasks and access devices at home or office remotely.”

The solution will be available for free, but organisations have the opportunity to upgrade the service to include extra enterprise features for an additional fee.

Combicloud is funding on Seedrs, with two weeks left to run on its campaign and is appealing for funding in exchange for 10 per cent equity.