Sponsored by the City of London, Starting a Crowdfunding Business (£5/ticket) is aimed at those who already run or are planning to launch new crowdfunding platforms.

The event consists of a seminar with Governance, Risk and Compliance advisor, Jay Tikam, of Vedanvi Business and Risk Consultancy. Jay will explain how crowd funding businesses can become authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority, and how you can exploit that status once you achieve it.

From the event publicity:

“Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending is booming at an exponential rate. Recent research revealed that, globally, a new crowdfunding project is created every three minutes, with around 500 new projects created every day. The industry is currently doubling every sixty days!”

“Technology and funding, previously the biggest barriers to entry, are now no longer preventing entry of new players in this market place. The biggest obstacle now is getting through regulatory approval.”

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