The Sondrs electric bike has just over a week to run and it’s already raised more than 4,500% of its funding goal on Indiegogo, despite having a cost of $599 (£390) – if you sign up before Friday.

The Sondors eBike features a 350 watt motor and can achieve speeds of up to 20mph, with all-terrain tyres to obtain the most effiicient ride possible. The battery lasts between 30 and 50 miles, although an additional battery is available to purchase on top of the bike itself if that doesn’t sound like enough juice for your rides.You can chose whether to pedal manually or let the motor take control and boost your ride, so however long your journey is, you can be guaranteed to get fit and get to the finishing point.”Whether you’re commuting to work, cruising the beach or off-roading, the Sondors eBike is equipped to handle any terrain,” the company says. The all-terrain tyres mean you don’t have to switch them depending on the surface your riding on like conventional bikes or competitor electric bikes. It also says its focus is making sure it’s the most affordable on the market.”With an MSRP of $1299, you will not find another electric bike that is comparable at this price point. With collectively 30 years in the manufacturing business, we have the knowledge to keep the price points low by using only commercially available parts, with no new technologies to develop,” Sondor says.The company explains it could make the bike lighter by using alternatives to steel to improve efficiency, but in order to keep the cost down, it has opted to make it a little heavier instead.To Sondor eBike is available from $599 (£390) or you can get two for $1198 (£780). The company is also offering a deposit scheme, where you can put down $199 (£130) and pay the rest when they’re due to ship in May 2015.