If your other half works away from home a lot or you live apart, Pillow Talk will bring you closer, by transmitting his or her heartbeat to your pillow so you can hear it whenever you feel alone.

The innovation comprises a pillow with an integrated speaker and a wristband that records their heartbeat and sends it to the pillow.

“Digital technology lets us email, text message, poke and video call people. That’s great – but it’s nothing like being in the same room, enjoying your partner’s company,” the product’s developer Little Riot explained.

“There is something special about coming home from a long day and being with your partner…with Pillow Talk, you can lie in bed next to your loved one, even when they are on the other side of the world.”

Although originally developed for couples in long-term relationships, it can also be used be anyone who needs that extra comfort that they’re loved, including children, parents or anyone else craving reassurance.

Not only does Pillow Talk offer that closeness to people on the other side of the country – or the world – it’s also been proven to improve your sleep. The steady thumping of a heartbeat can soothe and help you fall asleep faster. After all, it’s the first sound that we hear as babies in the womb.

The app is available on both Android and iOS and communicates between the pillow and wristband via Bluetooth.

Pillow Talk is hoping to raise £75,000 to put the product into manufacture and is offering the product on Kickstarter from £52 for one wristband and one pillow (limited early bird supply) or £118 for the duo pack.