Non-profit management platform NonProfitEasy has acquired Fundly to offer an entire platform for charities and other non-profit organisations and individuals to manage their campaigns and boost engagement with followers.

Previously, NonProfitEasy only controlled the technology back-end elements, including CRM and database management, events, donor engagement and fundraising, but this tie-up means it can also offer the crowdfunding infrastructure to make non-profit campaigns work even more effectively, drumming up interest from supporters outside its core market.

Fundly will continue to exist and all features will be offered as they are at the moment. NonProfitEasy will invest in both platforms to improve them and make them more integrated rather than standalone products. The main change is the rebranding of Non ProfitEasy’s services to fit under the Fundly umbrella, with NonProfitEasy CRM becoming Fundly CRM, VolunteerEasy transforming into Fundly Connect, and Ignite changing to Fundly Enterprise.

“The new Fundly will be the only platform on the market that offers crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, donor relationship management, membership management, event ticket and registration, and volunteer management as an affordable, integrated end-to-end solution,” said Lomesh Shah, CEO and founder of NonProfitEasy. “It has always been our vision to shake up the market by providing great technology in a modular platform that is affordable for any organization. We are on track to make that happen.”