If you’re not a huge fan of Uber, or don’t really like using Addison Lee every time you want to catch a cab, Kabbee allows you to compare the prices of taxis in your area, helping you make a more educated decision on which company to use.

The company has been running since 2011, but it now wants to expand outside of just London and airports to become a nationwide cab comparison engine.

It’s simply more than a comparison engine for consumers though – it’s also designed to help private taxi firms market themselves to their customers, without the big outlay of advertising.

“In London 62,000 cars are spread across 3000 fleets (http://bit.ly/1M9TFYs). In the rest of England & Wales, fragmentation is even more severe with 108,000 cars spread across 11,800 fleets,” Kabbee explained. “Fragmentation means small fleets are unable to invest in marketing and technology and thereby grow their business and coverage. Drivers sent on long journeys almost always return empty.”

It uses similar models to hotel booking and insurance industries, where the industries aren’t particularly suited to big advertising or marketing campaigns.

“Aggregation provides the opportunity for fleets to benefit from marketplace dynamics, drivers to reduce dead mileage and customers to get good service and value wherever they are,” the company said.

Kabbee’s technology brings together value for money for customers, while also meaning cab drivers can ick up their next job where they last had a drop off, helping drivers claw back that wasted mileage.

Kabbee is appealing for £1m funding from investors on Crowdcube, with which it plans to boost profits in London by redeveloping the iPhone app and launching an Android app, add new features to the entire platform, including the taxi company-facing part and build the demand for a cab comparison app nationwide.

It wil introduce new loyalty features and concentrate its marketing strategy on low spend, but high impact ideas.