Indiegogo has released guidelines about the inner workings of InDemand, explaining how companies wanting to use the feature can make the most of it.

We’re not sure whether Indiegogo was struggling to get many people using the feature, or they just didn’t think people were using it effectively, but the tips and tricks will prove useful for anyone

“When we first launched InDemand in September 2014, we wanted campaigners to be able to keep raising funds for their innovative ideas long after their campaigns ended,” the company explained.

“Because they’ve already found success and an engaged community on Indiegogo, the natural next step is for campaigners to continue raising funds for their campaigns even after the end date.”

InDemand means any campaign that reaches their goal can continue funding until the end date, giving more opportunity to raise more funds. Pretty kind of them, right?

It’s not just about money though – it means companies can keep drumming up support for their campaign and can grow their community and essentially, get more exposure for their company and their product.

If they like, companies funding on Indiegogo using an InDemand campaign can also add new perks if, for example, they launch new products or features.

Indiegogo suggested companies hoping to use InDemand should check out Bluesmart, Geek Pulse and Plexidrone to see how they can use InDemand to get more coverage and make their campaign even more of a success.

“It’s our hope that all campaigners continue to find success even after their campaigns are over. We built InDemand as a way for campaign owners to keep raising funds after the initial campaign ends, while continuing to maximize all their efforts they put into the original campaign,” Indiegogo said. “Whether you’re thinking about starting a campaign or already running one, choosing to opt-in to InDemand can be a great option for your dreams to live on long after the initial campaign ends.”