Headkayse has launched its one-size-fits-all, foldable helmet that not only conforms to world safety standards but also uses high tech for the ultimate impact protection.

The design follows the shape of your head, meaning it’s super-snug whatever the size of your cranium.

Headkayse helmets avoid the expanded polystyrene most helmets are made from,which tends to have a shorter lifespan. For example, if you fall off your bike and bang your head, you have to dispose of the helmet after it’s had an impact.

Additionally, expanded polystyrene can also pass on any shockwaves to your brain, meaning it could result in a brain injury (although less severe than if you were not wearing a helmet at all).

Headkayse is made from the company’s own Enkayse, which it developed itself. The bonuses of the material are that it’s soft and comfortable, while also moulding to the head. It also provides better protection from bumps, so will last longer than traditional expanded polystyrene.

The helmet also features the company’s “X” Strap harness and speed strap buckle for further better fitting for everyone, including children.

The design is fully foldable too – shrinking down by 70 per cent to just 5cm wide and reducing the total volume by 50 per cent.

“Headkayse has been designed as a hybrid to look good wherever. Flexibility allows it to follow your head shape, meaning there’s no sticky out bits making it look like you’re wearing a plastic pie,” the company said.

The Headkayse helmet is available for £89 from Indiegogo and the company is hoping to raise £60,000 with just over a month of the campaign left.

If you’re quick, you can get your hands on the product for just £55, but at the time of writing, there were only 140 units left at the price.