The Elephant Door smart home security system doesn’t just keep tabs on your home’s security with a camera, like many other products in its category – it detects if someone is actually trying to break in using a range of sensors.

The tiny gadget fits to any door without looking unattractive and uses sound, vibration and motion algorithms to work out whether someone is trying to gain entry into your home. The data provided by the sensors is analysed by the company’s networks to work out whether it’s a false alarm or a real-life threat to your and your family’s safety. If the latter, it will send out an alert

Elephant Door fits on any door at all, so you can attach it to your main front and back doors or if you live in a shared home, your bedroom door to make sure none of your housemates are breaking in.

An app accompanies the hardware and will alert you if someone tries to gain entry into your property. You are then able to instantly alert someone close to your home, such as a neighbour, a family member or the police to ensure the intruder can’t get in or cause damage. It’ll also trigger a loud alarm to deter burglars.

Radek Pallach, CEO and founder of Elephant Door said: “We decided to create Elephant Door to offer an affordable alternative to the expensive and complex home security systems which are currently out there on the market. Currently only 17 per cent of households have home security systems and this is because of how extensive they are and the need to hire professionals to install.”

Elephant Door is seeking to raise $40,000 (£26,000) to further test the software and algorithms behind the security, get it certified and into production for its June 2016 shipping target.

It is available on Kickstarter from $149 (£97), although you can get a taster of Elephant Door’s work too, with the company’s Safety First app as a reward if you spend $10 (£6), an LED Safety Band for $50 (£32) or a first aid kit for $100 (£65).