Smart glasses may be all the rage, but in a digital world, smart glasses shouldn’t just be used as an extension of our smartphone or computer screen, glasses maker Zappi said.

The Zappi smart glasses are designed to protect your eyes against the harmful rays of computer screens and smartphone, which emit UV and blue light, both of which have been linked to bad sleep patterns and eye troubles in kids.

According to the company, these UV rays attack our corneas every day and can degrade the crystalline lens of the eye. It’s thought that exposure to these light sources could cause cataracts. Blue light penetrates the eye much further and can be harmful to retinal cells and may lead to AMD (age macular degeneration) and eventually blindness.

Enter the Zappi smart glasses that protect eyes from UV and blue light using technology to filter out the harmful rays. They’re designed for people of all ages who do not normally wear glasses but use computer or smartphone screens often.

Zappi founder Andy Jones said: “Zappi is thinking ahead to protecting the eyes of adults, teens and children from the damage of UV and blue light that’s emitted from our much-loved technology.

“Our children start using digital devices from when they are toddlers and will have 25 years more exposure to the blue-violet light and UV that is emitted from our digital screens than we ever did, and this could certainly lead to eye disease in the future. ”

The Zappi glasses start at £25 for the kid’s version, in two styles – Nano and Radar. For £30 you can opt for the adult’s Spectrum or Frequency models. Packages for two or more sets are available at a slightly discounted price.

Zappi has so far raised £2,200 on Indiegogo, but it’s hoping to reach its goal of £9,500 in 38 days, so there’s plenty of time to get your hands on the glasses.