Fundraising crowdfunding website Yimby has raised a total of £1.3m since its launch in November last year.

The site, set up by fundraising website Just Giving, allows individuals to drum up sponsorship for their favourite local causes and has had 1,300 projects listed with 70 per cent of those fully funded.

The 30-day campaigns are set up to fund community projects, whether that’s improving facilities at a new school or community centre, provide medical treatment for an upstanding member of the community or supporting an athlete to take part in the Olympic Games.

JustGiving co-founder Zarine Kharas, said: “We’re the world’s fastest growing social platform for giving and, with Yimby, we’re giving people a completely new way to make a difference to their local area. I’m delighted with the take up of Yimby so far, but this is just the beginning. Together, we can make a huge difference to communities everywhere.”

The site’s name turns around the common complaint nimby, meaning ‘not in my backyard’, to yimby – ‘yes in my backyard’.

Some of the website’s most prolific projects include raising £34,000 to save the life of an Exeter mum who sought treatment for heart and lung disease pulmonary hypertension and lymphatic cancer. The target was £20,000.

Another example of projects over-funded by the community is the Marlow campaign that raised £12,287 from a target of £2,000 to install safety equipment along the River Thames after 13-year-old Kyrece Francis jumped into the river and drowned in June this year.

Just Giving set up Yimby after realising that it’s not just registered charities that should be able to raise funds via its site, but individuals that have more personal or community projects they want to see come to life.