If you’re a keen snorkeler but want to get a bit closer to nature without reaching for the scuba diving equipment, the x2 Sport is the ultimate dream.

It’s a jet-powered backpack that propels you in the water, so you simply need to hold your breath to get closer in on the action.

“The jet pack was born from two things; a dream to explore the underwater world deeper and further than before coupled with a desire to recreate the intense experience of skydiving for somebody that is afraid of heights!” x2 said on its Indiegogo page.

“The result was the x2 Sport; a device which enabled us to push our boundaries in the water without the need for Scuba gear and provides a thrilling ride along the way.”

It features a backpack with an integrated control system, a mounting cuff and the Hydra Thruster that is the part to shoot you along the sea’s surface. You just need to point your arms where you want to go, and off you shoot.

Your speed is controlled via a throttle switch in your hand, which means you can ramp up the velocity to get where you want to be then slow it down for more of a peruse under the sea.

The x2 Sport is also designed for underwater acrobatics, allowing you to twist and turn under the water with ease.

Of course, you can go a little deeper if you wish, but it’s not recommended unless you’re comfortable free diving.

The x2 Sport is available from Indiegogo from $2500 or you can experience it in a 30-minute session for $150.

The Portsmouth-based company will be used to add further functionality to the x2 Sport including a full sensor suite, smart battery management and a refined throttle system.