The search for a new car can be a challenge. When you do eventually find one you love, you find it’s 250 miles away, which is hardly practical unless you’re 100 per cent committed to it and it’s a one-off limited edition.

Once you have decided to trek to the location of your new motor, you find that it’s either not up to scratch or the person selling it is trying to scam you out of your hard earned cash.

Enter Vroomo – a platform that brings cars and their new owners together, with complete peace of mind their new vehicle is completely safe, the best quality and eradicates the risks associated with selling it to private individuals.

A three-month warranty is also thrown in, so if something goes wrong as you’re driving it off the forecourt, Vroomo will cover the cost of fixing it.

“The platform will aim to eradicate the need for countless hours answering calls from classified ads or entertaining strangers, buyers will be able to buy with more confidence as the information asymmetry will be reduced,” Vroomo said. “Buyers will benefit by not having to spend countless amounts of money on numerous pre-inspection tests & visits on vehicles which may not pass the test.”

Vroomo has partnered up with some of the biggest names in the car industry to ensure the buying experience is as seamless as possible, including DEKRA for vehicle inspections, VVM logistics for vehicle delivery and pre delivery inspection, finance via ZUTO and provenance checks via HPI. Extended warranties and breakdown cover are provided by The AA and initial insurance by Aviva.

Vroomo is appealing for £100,010 investment in exchange for 8.33 per cent equity and is currently halfway to wards its goal with 40 days left to run.

If you’re interested in funding this innovative idea, head over to Seedrs before the campaign ends.