Although there are lots of mobile phone and gadget charges to choose from on the market, the UltraPower is something completely different, allowing you to charge your phone at least six times (12 times for the average device) and iPad 3.5 times before the charger will run out of juice.

The design is pretty smart too. The top of the charger lights up to transform into a nightlight when you shake it or tap the handles and the press of a button will show you how much charge is left inside the device.

The waterproof design is perfect for using round the pool (or more likely in this country, in the rain), although you will still need to keep your devices away from water to prevent them from being ruined forever.

The UltraPower is compatible with any smartphone, tablet or mobile gadget, providing you can charge it via USB. You won’t find high-powered devices such as tablets will charge slower either, because the device automatically adjusts the flow of power according to the device plugged in.

What makes the UltraPower so powerful is the seven Li-Ion Samsung batteries installed in the device. Most mobile chargers only have one and provide two charges at most.

The UltraPower has been developed by MicrElements, a technology company that has been innovating for two years. The company joined up with international industrial design Goingwin on the product to create a product that looks good and does the job perfectly.

The companies have produced prototypes of the UltraPower and have interest from a number of vendors, but needs to raise $15,000 to take the device to full-on production. The company was hoping to fund the product on Indiegogo throughout September and October, but a month delayed, the target for distribution is now February.

Early birds can get their hands on one UltraPower for $30 (£19). The other funding options include $140 (£90) to buy three and get one free, $250 (£160) to buy five and get two free, buy seven and get three free for $350 (£225) and finally, buy 11 get five free for $550 (£350).

UltraPower’s Indiegogo campaign is due to finish on December 13.