Synap has launched its campaign on Crowdcube, helping students learn more effectively by using scientific insights and applying these to its platform to tailor learning.

“People today are expected to learn and retain vast quantities of information. Unfortunately, we’ve learnt that the overwhelming majority of students and professionals do not know how to learn effectively,” the company said.

“In our experience educational establishments stick to bombarding their students with information using ineffective, passive teaching methods. An abundance of research has been produced on how the brain learns – why has this research been disregarded?”

Synap explained that for people to learn, teaching must be active, challenging and require some effort. The company wants to apply these philosophies to boost the information entering students’ brains and help them retain the data.

The online platform encourages students to create their own multiple choice quizzes, practice them and share with their peers and the wider Synap community.

By encouraging students to create their own multiple choice quizzes, they must create their own prompts that help them remember the right answer and the wrong answers they include.

When the student creates the quiz, the platform’s algorithm works out when the student learnt the information and also, when they’re likely to have forgotten the content. It will then remind them to practice topics at the ideal time for retention.

Throughout the whole process, Synap will track a student’s studies, helping them identify their weak points and encouraging them to work more on the areas they’re lacking knowledge.

Synap is seeking £180,000 funding on Crowdcube and is offering up 12 per cent equity to those who invest. The company will use the money it raises to develop Synap’s website and iOS and Android apps portfolio. It will also launch a marketing campaign to increase awareness around the product.