Swimmo has launched a smart watch specifically for swimmers on Kickstarter that tracks your laps and fitness levels throughout your swim without the risk of it becoming waterlogged.

You’ll get feedback throughout your workout and can share personal bests or massive achievements with your friends on social media. If they think they can do better, you can take them on with a pool battle.

If Swimmo thinks you’re working too hard, it will vibrate lightly, alerting you to slow down. It’ll also tell you to speed up if it thinks you’re being lazy.

The whole time, it’ll be tracking your pace, heart rate and calories burned and synching with your iPhone or Android smartphone, so you’ll know exactly how you’re doing throughout.

If you’re a bit of a health fanatic and use other fitness trackers like Strava, RunKeeper or HealthKit, Swimmo’s data will sync with that, making sure you can get a whole picture of your fitness regime, not just your swims.

All of this is packaged up in a durable, waterproof casing, with a 1.29-inch screen that can be controlled with just a couple of taps. You can customise the display too, so you only see what’s important to you.

The company said: “Swimmers need a better way to monitor their results. Our team has created a tool that enables swimmers to train smarter, instead of harder. Swimmo is the first ever smartwatch designed to help swimmers improve strength, get in shape, and surpass their goals.”

You can snap up a Swimmo on Kickstarter from $169 (£115), which is due to arrive in October. The second batch is available for $179 (£120) and will ship a month later. For $239 (£160), you can get a special edition engraved Swimmo and multiples are available from $299 (£200).

The campaign ends on May 20th, so if you’re as excited as we are about Swimmo, act quickly to get yours!