With everything happening on the internet nowadays, including document storage and editing, gaming, networking with friends and flexible working, it’s easy to lose track of where your personal information is.

Not only is information harder to track, it’s also a lot harder to protect a the world of cybercrime makes an uncomfortable rise, attacking both businesses and individuals.

So, what’s the most effective way to protect yourself online without relying on the bulk of antivirus software that doesn’t necessarily form a watertight protection policy?

Solfyre has innovated a personal security solution that aims to give you visibility and control of your information, while helping you secure those accounts properly enabling you to update your own profile information when you want to and sharing it with selected other people if you need or want to.

“It all started with the realisation that we, and our identities, are the prize in the fight for control of Internet,” Solfyre said. “Right now, this is a fight between corporations, governments and criminals. We at Solfyre don’t think that’s right, and we’re pretty sure lots of people agree with us. We believe that your data and identity is yours and you should have control of it all.”

Solfyre is an application that runs on your mobile. It’s a fully-secure piece of software that encrypts your information and stores it locally on your phone – which means no personal details in the cloud, less likelihood of your details being stolen.

The app then becomes a set of keys you use to unlock your online life. Whenever you log onto a website that requires a username and password, you can click the SID button installed on your browser, which will trigger a QR code to pop up on the screen. You simply scan this with the Solfyre app on your phone and you’ll be granted access, without having to input your login details at all.

Solfyre has just launched its campaign on Indiegogo and is hoping to raise $125,000 (£81,000). You can get lifetime access to the app from just $39 (£25) if you’re one of the early birds, otherwise it’ll cost $50 (£30).