Forget just a carbon monoxide monitor. Sensly detects a huge array of pollutants to help keep you and your family safe, wherever they are. The best thing is, it can run on batteries or electricity so can always have its place in your home or come on your travels if you’re planning a holiday.

Sensly alerts you whether there are high levels of benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, sulphur oxide and ammonia, with smoke, pollen, house dust, other allergens and radiation forming part of the company’s future goals.

The Wi-Fi-connected gadget streams the data to your mobile device or you can keep up to date with the concentration of pollutants via the web interface. If a spike of any gas is detected, you’ll be immediately alerted so you can react quickly and safely.

Sensly explained the extent of the problem: “In areas such as Hackney, pollution levels are 50% above the EU limit. In 2008, there were 4,300 premature deaths in London that were attributed to long-term exposure to dangerous airborne particles.”

The World Health Organisation added: “Clean air is a basic requirement of life. The quality of air inside homes, offices, schools, day care centres, public buildings, health care facilities or other private and public buildings where people spend a large part of their life is an essential determinant of healthy life and people’s well-being.”

The Sensly Raspberry Pi HAT  has also been developed to help people create their own devices, such as weatherproof sensors to monitor outside gases and teaching devices for students.

Sensly is looking for £10,000 funding on Kickstarter and there’s still just over three weeks to go on the campaign.

The Sensly pollution sensor complete kit is available for £59, or you can buy the HAT for £25. The Raspberry Pi HAT with computer can be purchased by developers for £55 or you can buy just the unit (without the app) for £49 as an early bird special.