Seedrs has raised £10m funding to super-charge its marketing in the UK and around Europe, while also improving its crowdfunding platform. The company also hopes to launch into the US after acquiring Junction Investments late last year.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Woodford and Augmentum leading this investment round in Seedrs,” Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, said. “The capital we are raising will allow us to deliver our next stage of growth in the UK, Europe and the United States. As importantly, though, is the signal this investment sends to the market.”

Woodford and Augmentum contributed money towards the investment, but the opportunity doesn’t stop there, with Seedrs promising to use a quarter of the money to launch a new crowdfunding campaign for extra supporters to invest in the platform.

“The greatest fund manager of our time and the greatest financial family in history have looked at the equity crowdfunding space, decided that there is a huge opportunity to be won, and decided that Seedrs is the one that’s going to win it. We are honoured to have both investors on board, we look forward to working with them as we continue to grow.”

Tim Levene, managing partner at Augmentum Capital added: “We have been following the developments in equity crowdfunding for some time and believe Seedrs are the stand out company. The market is still early in its development with many challenges to overcome. However, we believe Seedrs have the right blend of talent, vision, experience and rigour to ensure they become the leader in this exciting space.”

Levene will join Seedrs as a director as part of the deal. The extra capital means Seedrs is now valued at £30m on a fully-diluted, post-money basis.