Reward Technology is running a campaign on Seedrs to help retailers tailor deals to consumer behaviour and habits via mobile.

The mobile solution delivers personalised content to a customer’s mobile when they enter a shop, shopping centre, office or hotel, making it more likely they’ll buy a product, but also boosting their loyalty.

Targeted at the retail, hospitality, security and office sectors, the solution uses data from a customer’s loyalty card collection to find out what an individual is interested in to enhance engagement, lower marketing costs and increase conversions. Businesses can also track the actions a consumer makes after receiving such offers on their smartphone or feature phone.

Reward Technology says: “For all these sectors working in the fast growing, highly disruptive and innovative digital and mobile worlds there is no neat single uniform solution for how any company detects, communicates and engages actively with its customers. RT’s solution is a bridge to this brave new world of digital transformation in key service and brand-led industries.”

The company said it was motivated to develop such a solution because the systems in place to use reward and loyalty cards are antiquated and merely sending customers offers through the post or via email won’t motivate them to spend money when in store. These processes also cost companies more money in marketing than sending offers to customers at the right time.

Reward Technology says: “While most retailers are either hesitant to be the guinea pig or engaging too early with emerging digital technologies, RT can enable them right now with a bridging solution that acts as a road map to take them where they want and need to go in the brave new digital world. Many retailers are engaging too early with emerging technologies, RT can enable them right now with a road map to take them where they want and need to go.”

Reward Technology has been awarded a £250k Innovate UK grant to develop a smartcard solution and develop other areas of its business, but it is still seeking £800,000 from private investors on Seedrs. It is offering 15 per cent equity and the campaign ends in 35 days.