Reddit has launched its own crowdfunding platform for its moderators to raise money for campaigns they believe in, whether it’s a charity, good cause or just to make a profit.

The majority of the campaigns on Redditmade are selling various Reddit-branded and fun goods including t-shirts, pin badges and stickers, although there is a set of headphones available too.

Redit said in its launch post to moderators: “Redditmade gives you the flexibility to create almost anything you want, easily raise money, and support causes you care about. It’s also a great way for others to find awesome new products they’ll love and support other redditors while knowing their information and money will always be secure.”

Many of the campaigns are simply to promote the subreddits available on the site and moderators of each section can give members of the community the go ahead to add merchandise if they feel it fits in with the subreddit’s message.

Reddit helps with the production of the merchandise, so those who want their items showcased can simply send the artwork to Reddit and the company will fulfill the orders, making it super-secure.

Members of the Reddit community can choose to donate the profits of their product to any organisation, charity, event, or individual. They are also encouraged to sell products at cost so they don’t have to worry about who receives the profits of the campaign.

Reddit said: “We make it easy for everyone to pledge their payment, providing a secure way to raise funds and keep people accountable without charging anyone until the campaign reaches its goal and we start production.

“We hope [the [latform] will enhance your experience on reddit, create stronger subreddit communities, allow redditors to collaborate and support each other, and empower redditors to make a difference.”