Mirai’s PowerClip hides a number of top features in one tiny package, including a phone charger, key finder and activity tracker.

Just connect it to your key ring and you have almost everything you need while away from a power supply – even storage for photos, videos and other documents you may need to take with you without lugging your laptop around.

The company also has a load more features it plans to add, including fingerprint ID if it reaches its stretch goal of $75,000 (£48,000). This would transform it into a business device rather than a consumer one, widening up its market options.

“The PowerClip was designed on three main principles – portability, usability and availability,” Mirai said. “So we created a device that was effortless to carry, intuitive to use and available any time on your key chain. Then we filled it with technology that supports modern lifestyles, empowering you to solve all kinds of every day problems quickly and efficiently.”

There are two form factors available – micro a pro. They both include the same functions, but Pro is slightly larger in design because it has a higher capacity battery (1000mAh vs 500mAh) and more storage (8GB or 32GB for Pro32 vs 4GB).

PowerClip has its own app, where you can view data for the activity tracker, find your keys, view the media stored on the device and manage the files too.

You can select each of the modes using one button on the front of the PowerClip, making it super-simple to use, too.

The PowerClip is available from $49 (£31) for the early bird Micro version, while the Pro early bird will cost $69 (£45). If you want to boost your PowerClip further, it’ll set you back $89 (£57) if you’re one of the first 100 to sign up.

You can also buy the packs in multiples, which is handy if you always like to have a reserve charger in tow or you think friends/family will benefit from the power of the PowerClip.

The company is appealing for $50,000 (£32,000) funding and has another 32 days to raise it on Indiegogo.