If you didn’t get your hands on Ojee’s Talon golf training device when it first went up for sale on Indiegogo, the campaign has been updated to InDemand – meaning you can still buy it!

The Ojee Talon helps you get into the ideal position to perfect your swing. It attaches to any golf club and monitors your stance, giving you continuous feedback to help guide you to reach your goals.

It measures your spine angle, shaft angle, club shaft to spine angle and rotation angle, prompting you every time it thinks you’re making a mistake.

“How you set up and address the ball is fundamental to every golfer’s game, from beginners to professionals,” Ojee said. “However, teaching, learning and replicating the optimum set up for golfing success has previously relied upon basic unreliable methods which cannot be quantified or accurately replicated. For example, relying on ‘feel’, looking in a mirror and retrospective video analysis.”

The company said its golf club attachment eliminates any guess work and gives you all the critical information you need to set up to the ball with the same posture, every time you pick up your clubs and this in turn will improve your muscle memory and consistency, optimising every single performance you put in on the green.

It simply clicks onto any gripper, so you can switch it to any club you want to use for a particular shot and the digital display will tell you how to position your body and the club for the best shot to target.

It’s easy to view the gadget’s screen from your stance, so you can just glance down to see what you should be doing.

The digital display of the Talon and the back unit are both charged via a standard USB connection and offer around eight hours of continuous use – plenty of time for a round or just shooting some shots on the range.

The Ojee Talon costs from £149 (a decent discount off the retail price of £225) and will be shipped this month.

Ojee has raised £30,000 to date from its Indiegogo campaign, taking its funds so far to £26,000 – 106 per cent of its target.