Nurturey has raised £172,467 on Seedrs, almost doubling its target of £100,000 and offering up an equity of 12.52 per cent to investors.

The company has developed an app to make it easier to manage everything parenting throws at you, on your mobile or tablet.

Nurturey supports parents at every step of the way, from when they conceive to help them prepare for the addition of a little one in their life, right up to when they fly the nest and become parents themselves.

“On one hand, parents have to manage an onslaught of routine information, documents, activities, etc; on the other, it is difficult for parents to follow, let alone implement, overwhelming amount of information/resources available today on parenting,” the company said on its Seedrs fundraising page.

For example, parents can access important information, such as a child’s vaccination history, appointments such as parent’s evening or other information that is seamlessly synched between mobile and other applications on your computer, such as your calendar.

Documents can also be stored in Nurturey – even things like birth certificates, a particular piece of work you or they are really proud of and will analyse the data so you can track your child’s wellbeing.

Not only in Nurturey a useful tool for keeping your child’s routine in check, but it also serves as a great way to remember all stages of their life, creating memories for the future.

Any information can be shared with the Nurturey community, so if there’s a group of mums or dads you want to share information with, you can do so with a few quick clicks.

Nurturey will be coming to Android and iOS devices soon, including the iPad and iPhone. The app can be set up on desktop already, so if you’re interested in tracking every aspect of your child’s life, sign up and prepare for the launch of the apps!