Nuklius is a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to transform their company by finding the people and resources they need to make their ideas succeed.

Like a matchmaking dating app, Nuklius links up the people needing resources with those that have the resources. Anyone you’re matched with is likely to be local to you, so you don’t have to worry about having conflicting cultural views or travelling too far for a meeting.

If you have an idea, you can enter the details, including the skills required and Nuklius will show you the ‘cards’ of people who have the matching skills to make it work. Alternatively, for those with skills they want to offer up, Nuklius will match you up with ideas contributed by others.

Nuklius also features an entire platform for companies to collaborate with people in their networks, talent mapping existing contacts to find the best talent.

“We are looking to solve the disconnect between people having ideas but not possessing all of the skills required to realise their ideas, where the idea stays just that, an idea,” Nuklius said on its Seedrs campaign page.

“We do this by connecting them with the people who do. We want to remove the road block between having an idea and turning that idea into a reality. We fundamentally believe that startups drive true social and economic innovations; so the more people we can help connect to build their ideas into companies, the better.”

Nuklius has already surpassed its target of £25,000 on Seedrs, raising more than £34,000 of investment in exchange for 5.8 per cent equity.

It hopes to use the funds raised for business development (including costs for travel, marketing, conferences and exhibitions), operating costs and to pay the founders salaries.