NEEO, a smart controller that allows you to control all of your gadgets from one place, has surpassed its Kickstarter target by almost $200,000 (£130,000), with 28 days still to go.

The NEEO system comprises the ‘brain’ and the ‘remote’, which allows the system to communicate with all your connected devices and your commands.

The brain can also be controlled by your smartphone, so you don’t even need to be in arm’s reach of the remote to control more than 3,000 devices catalogued in the system.

The remote is a snazzy looking piece of kit, with a 291 ppi display (the company boasts this is more than the iPad Retina’s resolution) and hand recognition that will load all your favourites when it reads your palm.

If you lose the remote, you can set up alerts on your smartphone to help you find it and the device’s rechargeable battery and low-power design means you won’t have to charge it more often than once a month.

Devices supported by the NEEO system include a range of smart TVs, Sonos, Apple TV, Roku, and Philips Hue, with many more being developed as we speak.

The NEEO team says: “We have been working hard to create the best product possible and we are determined to make NEEO a reality. We have finalised the prototype, and now we need your help to get NEEO into production.

“We want all of you on Kickstarter to be the first to use NEEO and having you on-board would just give us that last push to have NEEO out to you that much quicker. We can’t wait for you to see and try NEEO. We’re ready for production, we’re just waiting for you.”

The Kickstarter campaign has so far reached $240,000 (£160,000), with its original target set at $50,000 (£32,000) and offers investors the opportunity to get their hands on an early version of the brain device and smartphone app for $148 (£97), while the full package including the remote can be snapped up for $219 (£144) now the early bird packages priced at $199 (£130) have all sold out.