My Mini Factory has been touted as the YouTube of 3D printing – a social network for everyone to share their designs, completely independent and curated by experts.

Its aim is to connect users, 3D designers, advertisers, brands and makers of 3D printed objects, so anyone can find anything they want in one place.

My Mini Factory currently has 80,000 registered users, showing a great market for a single 3D printing marketplace.

Each design is tested by My Mini Factory to ensure it works as advertised. In fact, making sure everything works as it should is one of the company’s main concerns – quality is certainly more important than quantity, so if it doesn’t work, it isn’t added to the platform.

“MyMiniFactory facilitates the interaction between the users and the 3D designers. It makes innovative tools available to its community, such as MMF Tipping, MMF TV, MMF Connect, and the MMF Store,” the company said.

For brands, it enables companies to engage with a creative community, enabling them to run contests, build white label libraries and product endorsements. Designers can be connected to engage with their audience, raise their profile and make money. While 3D printers can offer to print the designs for those looking for a certain object.

The company expects its business model to completely disrupt the market, because it offers an easy and cheap way to get ready-to-print quality files, for free. It works in the same sort of way as Spotify and Vimeo, with a freemum model. It will also use advertising to make money and it will also sell ready-printed objects for those who do not own a 3D printer.

MyMiniFactory has surpassed its target of £500,000 on Seedrs by 11 per cent, but it is continuing to overfund. It will be using the funds to hire new talent, offer more 3D printable content, develop new tools and services and boost its marketing campaign.