The Mous Musicase is attempting to solve problems caused by lost or tangled earphones when you throw your iPhone into your bag.

The hard iPhone cover clips onto your iDevice just like any case, but it has a secret up its sleeve: an integrated earphone holder on the back using an innovative winder to keep your earphones tangle-free.

Compatible with the iPhone 5, 5s and 6 with an iPhone 5C cover to be developed should it surpass its goal of raising £10,000, Mous Musicase is seeking £10,000 on Kickstarter to put the gadget into full production.

To express the individuality of iPhone owners, the company is offering the opportunity for backers to choose their own combination of case and winder. You can choose from a white, black, blue or Kickstarter green case and then mix it with a dark blue, pink, Musicalize gold, black or white winder.

The Mous Musicase is manufactured in Manchester, making it a 100 per cent British product.

Co-founder Josh Shires said he developed the product because he found tangled or forgotten earphones a real bane when he was at university.

To get your hands on a Mous Musicase and show your support for the innovative product, you’ll need to stump up at least £17 to get the classic black case. The Retro and Musicalize editions are available for £19, with the Kickstarter edition available for an additional £2. If you want to mix and match your case with a winder, the option costs from £24 and multiples are available if you’re happy to spend extra.

If you invest £300 and are a budding techno-geek, co-founder James will put together a business plan for your retail business. £1000 will win you a limited edition aluminium case and if you give the company £3000, you’ll be invited to a private party.

The company has also set itself a number of stretch goals, including giving every single backer a Mous Musicase if it reaches £13,000 funding, adding a new winder colour option into the mix if it raises £15,000, a free party for backers when it hits £18,000 and if it raises £23,000, the company will offer the iPhone 5c case too.