Mogees is a handy gadget that can turn anything into a musical instrument via a sensor and an app that allows you to program gestures to create innovative sounds.

The Mogees package includes a stick-on sensor that can attach to anything you like and then to your smartphone. Using the Mogee app, you can then program in gestures that will train the Mogee sensor to react in a certain way when you hit, tap or swipe the object.

You can then assign the gestures to sounds that are generated when you touch the object in a certain way.

Mogees works using vibration – the basis of any sound we hear. It is super-sensitive so can detect even when you’re stroking something, right up to powerful thrashes and uses these audio frequencies to convert to sounds.

You can create your own MIDI controller too using gesture recognition technology, if you want to take making music one step further. Record some samples and then associate each sound to a different note to make more complex tunes.

“Mogees is one of the first electronic musical instruments to apply the power of machine learning to music creation, allowing any object to be converted into a playable musical instrument,” the company said on its Kickstarter page. “When attaching the Mogees sensor to the object you wish to play, you can then train the software to recognise different types of gestures.”

“By analysing the vibration patterns created as you play an object with the sensor attached, the Mogees software will identify which gesture you have performed and trigger the corresponding sound or MIDI note. All of this happens in just milliseconds, giving you the instant feedback you expect from a musical instrument,” the company continued.

The Mogee can be backed from £95 now the early bird price of £76, although you can get a little discount if you opt to buy more than one.

Mogee has more than tripled its target of £20,000, raising almost £66,000 with 18 days still to go. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, head to Kickstarter in the next two weeks.