The Kraftwerk iPhone 6 charger is approaching the $1m funding mark on Kickstarter with 28 days stil to go on its campaign.

Unlike other mobile chargers, Kraftwerk puts you in the driving seat for generating power to keep your iPhone, iPad or other gadget topped up with energy. It claims the device can keep your iDevice going for weeks thanks to its fuel cell tech.

The charger runs off standard gas – so you can fill it with the same stuff you keep your campfire going, or even lighter gas you can buy from most off licences.

One top-up will keep the charger going for 11 charges – so for most people, that means you can keep your iPhone going for a week without refilling.

Kraftwerk measures 10 x 7.5 x 3cm, making it easy to carry around in any bag. The charger connects to your device via USB cable, so you can use it to power up and device you have a USB cable for.

One of our major qualms about portable chargers is that you need to use mains power to top them up, so Kraftwerk’s fuel cell technology makes it very attractive indeed.

The company was appealing for $500,000 via rewards-based funding, but it’s already up to $991,000 at the time of writing. As such, it has released a number of stretch goals. When the cmpaign hits £1m, it will release a Pioneer edition of the charger, while $2.5m will see a limited edition Kickstarter green edition becoming available.

To get your hands on a Kraftwerk charger and ensure they go into full-scale production, you can pay $99 in February 2016, or for $139, you can get the charer and 12 cartridges to keep it topped up. Unfortunately, all the early bird offers have sold out and those lucky backers will be getting their chargers in December this year.