Kickstarter is now available in Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, meaning natives can fund their schemes in their own currency.

Although the countries won’t have a dedicated site, the biggest news is that those wishing to launch a campaign on the crowdfunding site don’t have to worry about the exchange rate, because Kickstarter will pay all their raised funds in the local currency.

Kickstarter said on its blog: “Local currency for everyone! Danish kroner, Swedish kronor, Norwegian kroner, and the euro in Ireland. You can use your local banking and business details, and if your project is successfully funded, pledges will be collected in your local currency and transferred to you.”

The projects from each of the countries can be uncovered by searching Kickstarter by country. This does mean anyone from around the world can fund campaigns, even if they’re not located in the same country.

In celebration, we’ve rounded up the best Kickstarter campaigns from each of the new territories.

Kickstarter projects in Ireland


The Z-charge allows you to charge and store up to six devices while you’re asleep. It’s a bedside piece of tech that plugs into a power socket and runs under the mattress with a pouch on either side for charging devices by USB. The company is looking for €40,000 (£31,800) of funding, which currently stands at €14,365 (£11,320) and each Z-Charge will set you back from €49 (£38.61).

Kickstarter projects in Denmark


Sitpack allows you to take a seat wherever you are. It’s a plastic moulded device that folds out to become a seat on a stick and is perfect for taking on trips where there may not be any seating available such as when you’re queuing or fishing. With 32 days to run, Sitpack has raised DKK230,706 (£24,000) of its DKK450,000 (£48,000) goal and it’ll cost you DKK175 (£18) now all the super early bird options have been snapped up at DKK120 (£12.70).

Kickstarter projects in Norway


If you’re a skier or snowboarder, losing your equipment whether stolen or lost can be a real pain and an expensive problem. The AlpineHawk attaches to your equipment and allows you to track it and control it from your smartphone. Any sudden movements will trigger the alarm so you can track the thieves if it’s stolen. The company is looking for a total of NOK600,000 and has so far raised NOK50,000.

Kickstarter projects in Sweden

PFO Shield

The PFO Shield allows your friends and family to track you wherever you go, which is expcially useful if you like to partkae in sports that take you offroad, such as skiing or mountain climbing. You can also send out alerts from the wristband should you get in trouble during your travels. A PFO Shield will cost you from SEK990 if you’re one of the first 1000, up to SEK1290. The maker of the PFO Shield is appealing for SEK500,000 funding and has so far hit SEK39,051.