If you’re always disappointed with the battery life and storage capacity of your smartphone, the Infinicase could be a great option to keep your device protected and boost your smartphone’s capabilities.

The modular case comes in three forms: battery, storage and sound, with each having its own merits. The battery module adds a 4000mAh battery to your device. It’s only 8mm thick and helps power the other modules while keeping your iPhone ticking over all day.

The storage module adds an extra 32GB to your phone’s capacity, providing enough space for storing thousands of photos, videos and music tracks. It’s 7mm thick so won’t add too much extra bulk to your device and you can add and remove it as often as you like to either transfer media or store it.

The sound addition boosts the speakers on your iPhone. It’s a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enable speaker unit and if you hook up ten speakers, you can create your very own music system. It produces sound up to 120DB and is 9mm thick.

Both the storage and sound modules require a battery module to work, which you can buy separately or as a bundle.

Infinicase is hoping to develop more modules in the future, but it will depend upon how much funding it can raise through this funding round.

The company is appealing for £2000 funding on Kickstarter. There’s two weeks to go on the campaign and so far, it’s only a quarter of the way towards its goal.

You can pick up the battery module by itself for £20, the battery and case bundle for £45 (if you’re a super early bird you can pick it up for £25 or early bird for £35), space bundle for £75 or the standalone sound module for £45.