Immersis has less than 24 hours left to run on Kickstarter, but that doesn’t mean you miss out on being one of the first people to get your hands on the group virtual reality experience.

Although the company has already surpassed its $100,000 (£65,000) goal on the crowdfunding platform thanks to 209 backers wanting to get their hands on the system, the campaign is still going and the company is inviting its supporters to help develop the content and platform even further.

The company says: “For the last century, we’ve been looking at the world through the tiny window of our TV screens, computers and tablets. Our brains have been conditioned to be satisfied by their two-dimensional experience.”

Now, it wants to break the boundaries and allow everyone in your space to get involved with its plug and play screen. It can connect to your computer and play any content at 180 degrees, whether that’s video, games or just photos. If the content is 2D, it’s displayed as flat. If it’s a panorama, a video game or 3D content, it will be displayed in the full 180 degrees.

Immersis transforms your entire living room into an immersive support for your video games and panoramic videos and the best bit about it is that it won’t make your brain or eyes become too tired, as is often the case with a VR headset.

Both Unity 3D and Unreal Engine-developed games are supported, although the latter plugin is currently in beta. Other content that can already play on the system includes 360-degree video and all panoramic photo formats, including Google Photosphere pictures.

“The technology is based on a real-time adaptation of the image to the shape and size of the room that you are in as well as its advanced optical system,” Immersis says on its Kickstarter page.

“Immersis will revolutionize immersive virtual reality and video. We need your help to make this revolution a reality and to discover together how you can best put Immersis to work for you.”

You can be one of the first to get your hands on Immersis by paying $1,150 ($1350 off the retail price) and get it in October. You can also just get the software to use with your existing projector for $750 (£480) with shipping in June.