If you’re a blind obsessed individual, with not a hint of curtains anywhere in your abode, you’ll know how annoying it is having to close the blinds at night or open them all in the morning – especially if you have a bay window with multiple blinds or the string tends to get tangled whenever you touch it.

iBlinds goes some way to solve this frustration, by allowing you to control all your blinds from one app, whether you’re getting ready for some shut-eye or you really need to wake up and let some light in.

Electrical engineer Eric Barnett decided to innovate smart blinds to make the experience easier to use. “I wanted to have a product which would work right out of the box, “talk” to other appliances, and would be easy to install and manage with just a touch of a button,” he explained. “I visited my local Home Depot and searched online. But all the solutions currently available on the market are either very expensive or too complicated (or both).”

iBlinds has been developed as part of Barnett’s company HAB Home Intelligence, which seeks to find the most innovative solutions to everyday problems. It’s easy to install because you use your existing blinds rather than having to buy whole new units and allows you to automate any two-inch blinds in your home, whether you want to set them up to open and close at a certain time, change the schedule to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, or just control one single blind (say the ones in your bedroom when it’s time to go to bed).

The Z Wave-enabled device just fits to venetian blinds and controls the tilt of the blind and it’s controlled by a Z-Wave app, available for free on iOS and Android. The motor can be charged via USB, although it packs in a long-life lithium battery anyway.

The iBlind can be backed on Kickstarter where it’s hoping to raise $30,000 over the next month. You can support the campaign by buying the iBlind package from $59 for the super early bird special, which will ship from December.