Habu has launched a campaign on Seedrs to help businesses managing multi-room spaces keep on top of their meeting rooms, while also raising revenues to ensure everything is booked up at all times where possible.

Jack and Robert Ollett, who used to work with event management companies, developed the cloud-based system after observing many of the businesses they worked with always seemed to be bogged down with the manual booking systems.

They said on its Seedrs page: “The majority of our target customers have devised their own ad hoc solutions. This is typically based on a mix of spreadsheets, email, word docs and shared calendars.

“The problem is that these tools aren’t well-suited for dealing with the increasing complexities of the market, where seamless links across data, the team, multiple devices and other services are key to the success of a business.”

The company went on to explain that this lack of integration can mean information is miscommunicated or lost and can result in double bookings, operational conflicts and crucially, under-utilisation of spaces.

Habu brings everything together in one place, allowing team members to see which spaces are booked up when, with contacts integration to stay in the loop. Customers can simply fill in a form to book a space and it will be instantly added to the system. It also has the power for analysis so organisations can use the data to influence their business decisions.

Habu also integrates with other platforms in a business, whether that’s accountancy, payment transactions, publishing, and marketing to become more valuable than just a room booking service.

Habu now wants to invest in its platform to gain more customers on top of the existing entertainment venues, business centres and tech hubs using it. The investment will go towards boosting marketing and PR to raise its profile.

It’s looking for £50,000 investment on Seedrs by the end of August in exchange for 7.69 per cent equity.