NudeAudio is a new audio start-up launched by innovators with over a decade’s experience in consumer electronics and smartphone accessories. The company is currently seeking Kickstarter support for the high performance NudeAudio Super-M Bluetooth speaker – and has already achieved four times the funding goal.

Pocket power

They promise their pocket-sized speaker system delivers the kind of punch you’d expect to find in a far more powerful device, with 360-degree sound and 8-hours playtime between each charge. The powerful little system is waterproof, sandproof, and even lets you take a call with your mobile device left in your pocket.

Already backed

We can’t guarantee the technical promises NudeAudio are making for the product, but we do point to the 3,688 backers the project’s picked up (with 21 days to go) and the $341,320 pledged to the project since July 16 – over four times what they asked for on Kickstarter.

Experienced team

Could this be the wisdom of crowds at work? Maybe, or maybe it’s that this particular product comes from a team with an existing track record in developing good quality audio devices which also has the manufacturing contacts and clout to ensure the product makes it from the drawing board and onto the beach. Hopefully with you.

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