With news that revenues from games-related crowdfunding campaigns is reducing, developer Square Enix is encouraging independents to use the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo to use the sites to see their game become a reality.

A report by market intelligence agency ICO Partners said 446 Kickstarter projects in the gaming category were funded in 2013, but this has shrunk to just 175 in 2014 so far and it doesn’t look as though momentum is increasing, either.

Furthermore, the amount raised has reduced too. Kickstarter games raised $58m (£36m) in 2013, but only $13.5m (£8.4m) has been raised in the first half of this year.

ICO Partners CEO Thomas Bidaux said: “If 2014’s second half is comparable (something that is not easy considering you need a similar number of big hits), 2014 would be less than half of what 2013 has been… A sobering consideration.”

However, Square Enix is one company that is trying to turn this around and is encouraging independent developers to use crowdfunding platforms to fund their next blockbuster game.

Phil Elliott, the head of community at Square Enix Europe decided to take crowdfunding one step further by introducing the Square Enix Collective that invites budding developers to present their ideas to bigwigs at the company who then provide feedback about the creations and helps them come up with a game plan to raise as much capital as possible from crowdfunding.

To date, the Square Enix Collective has seen 40 projects from around 16 countries go through its process and two of these have gone on to promote their wares on crowdfunding sites.

The company makes a five percent commission on all the projects that raise money through crowdfunding, but the company’s motives are also to discover new talent in the developer world.

Elliot told Venture Beat: “We look at the feedback phase as kind of a practice run for when they do go on to crowdfunding. We want to help them learn as much as possible in that time.”